" we like steel "                         

Higher weld quality and welding efficiency thanks to Fronius technology.

Higher precision and production productivity thanks to welding tables and the Siegmund system.


- The handling of larger products is facilitated by column cranes with a height of 4000 mm and a load capacity of up to 1000 kg

- CNC plazma VANAD Kompakt                                                                                                                  

  - table: 6000x2000
  - max.cutting thickness: 30mm

- Other machines:

     - band saw PILOUS ARG 240                          - bending press CTO 80/2500

     - band saw PILOUS AGR 300                          - bending press CTO 160/4000

     - table shears NTC 2000/4                             - eccentric press LEN 25t.   

     - profile bending machineZOPF  ZB60        - eccentric press LEN 40t.

     - sheet bending machine 1000/2


In addition to our own sufficiently equipped locksmith production, if necessary, we are able to provide any necessary technology in cooperation:

- cnc machining

- cnc forming 

- water jet, 3D laser          



- hot deep galvanizing
- galvanic plating
- powder coating
- spraying with wet paints